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Chinese New Year holiday notice in 2018

Jan. 04, 2018

Chinese New Year is Coming...

As the biggest festival of the year in China, all companies will be closed during festival, our factory will also be colosed for some days during the spring festival holiday.

Tonda’s spring festival holiday will be from 8th,Feb to 23th,Feb,2018

Detailed Schedule for different department is as following.

Foreign Sales: 13th,Feb to 22th,Feb,2018. But our salesman can reply your email.


Lightbar Branch: 8th,Feb to 23th,Feb,2018

Warning Light Branch: 8th,Feb to 23th,Feb,2018

Siren and Speaker Branch: 8th,Feb to 23th,Feb,2018

Technical Dpt: 10th,Feb to 22th,Feb, 2018

So,the order after 1th,Feb,2018 will be sent at least after spring festival holiday(23th)

Thanks a lot for your understanding for any inconvenience acused. Happy spring festival!

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